Private Lessons

At Top Corner Lacrosse our group of coaches takes the time to diligently teach the fundamentals of dodging, shooting, and stick skills for offensive players. Players will go through intense drills to learn the fast-paced techniques that directly translate to success on the field. Sessions can be one or two hours long.

$50/hr - 1 player
$35/hr - 2+ players

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  • Stationary shooting
  • Shooting on the run
  • Shooting out of roll
  • Quick release shots
  • Inside finishing
  • Shooting above GLE

Stick Skills

  • Dynamic partner passing
  • Wall ball drills
  • Off-hand stick work
  • Quick stick passing
  • Stick protection


  • Footwork/Agility
  • Defender positioning
  • Art of the Split Dodge
  • Reading Defense
  • Redodging
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